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March 24, 2008


My new blog is at:

see you there!!
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Leah Dizon anyone? [
March 11, 2007
Recently, I downloaded Leah Dizon's debut Single Softly is a ballad, and i love it. I'm into her because of her msuic, not because of her looks (BUT SHE IS PRETTY!) If anyone wants to hear her new single, here you go (i uploaded it for a friend :))
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March 07, 2007
I'm totally not dead, after like 6months of not updating. i'm super busy, because I have to get my grades up so i can be accepted into UNIVERSITY! I'll update you more on how BUSY I have been!

A side note; I can't skate and I look retarded when my whole class goes to hockey! It's sad yet embarassing :(

Recently I like KODA KUMI alot. LIKE ALOT. Althought I'm glad kuu's popularity is rising, I'm a little depressed about ayu declining! Not even getting a million for her BEST album IS depressing...I have to admit. :(
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June 21, 2006
Did I mention i was on Hiatus? If not, omg. Hhaha. I'm extremely busy with exams. GRR. stupid Canada has stupid provincial exams for the government that is worth 30% of our final grade for math, science, and english! 30 effin beepin percent! My exams end on the 28th, and on the 29th i fly to hong kong. i don't even know if there will be update time. *SIGH*  :(

Remember, I will still always keep everyone in mind, I'll be back soon. Bye byeee! :)

June 10, 2006
BLUEBIRD LAYOUT IS COMPLETE. I love the new ayu song, it's so summery and happy! I can't wait until Beautiful fighters is online so I can download and hear it. I think i'm going to love this single. I'm buying all 3 versions of the CD :D Ayu's going on Domoto Kyodai tomorrow in Japan! That means a BLUEBIRD performance!! I love live performances of anything. I just hope that the 11th comes faster so I can download it ! XD

By the way, i just saw two performances of AKB48 on Music fighter and Music Station. I must say that their new song "skirt, hirari" is very catchy. I wonder if they will ever become the new morning musumes. Anyways the fan boys ok AKIBA that were shown in the parts of the show were scary. I can't believe japanese fan boys are so weird. LOL. more like perverts hardcore supporters. I must revisit AKIBA again in the summer to look for hardcore fanboys and the crazy otakus.
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Quick! [
June 08, 2006
new layout in progress, using public one right now. updates won't be as frequent due to final exams.
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senorita. [
May 29, 2006
Click my <3

Yamapi's new single DAITE SENORITA. You'll have to admit that this song is pretty catchy along with the dance moves XD I like the second song too, YUBIWA. If I ever find this single in stores, I'll be forced to pick it up since i'm a CD whore. Arent' Mp3s just the loveliest? <3  I WANT AN IPOD VIDEO 30GB MAN. I have so many songs. *WAITS FOR COMMENTS ABOUT YAMAPI*
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yamamoto sayaka albums [
May 29, 2006

If you haven't heard of her, i suggest you download her 3rd album [latest one] and try her songs, they're pretty good, she has a nice voice. i love tsukushi no dengon <3
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panic!!! [
May 27, 2006
Kuu was on Music Station yesterday! I loved that thing she was wearing on her head, it's better than her new haircut :D This was probably the best performance she did of KOI NO TSUBOMI. Actually, anything is good since this is such a cute and catchy song <3 Kuu's planning to release a single on July 26th! titled "4 hot wave" I'm so going to buy it! 4 New songs! Back to koi no tsubomi, I made caps! yay more lovely kuu!

I also saw YAMAP's performance of Daite Senorita. It was pretty good in the beginning but the end was like (*_*) I'm using all these emoticon faces that appears in the KOI NO TSUBOMi lyrics. LOL. AHAHAH, can you say that i'm obsessed with this song? (>_<)


I have a Math test on monday! (@_@) I still have to do all the homework for the chapter! I hope i don't fail it because I have a party to go to tomorrow! I really need to study today! 

I bought new clothes! I can't wait to wear them tomorrow! i've been waiting for an oppurtunity to wear them! HAHA. I love shopping. I didn't buy a present for my friend's birthday party yet. I wonder what i should buy? I have no clue, but I need to buy some more clothes for myself. i need more jeans and t-shirts!

I made a new ICON set. I love the blue one the most

I just found out about YAMAMOTO SAYAKA! I love her. She's a new JPOP artist from avex. She isn't well promoted but her songs are really good. I uploaded mp3s for you guys to sample, tell me what you think of her.  She has 3 mini albums out! Her songs are quit catchy even though they aren't hyper fast POP.


Here's the Tackey & Tsubasa - Venus single I uploaded. You gotta listen to the thai chinese and korean version of venus! I don't know what they're syaing but it's entertaining :D I heard the first edition of this CD comes with a phone strap!!! NO ONE CAN resist the power of the song Venus. (*_*)

(CD+DVD version)
(Limited version & Normal Version)

This entry has turned superlong and madness XD. I'm sorry if it's a little hard to read. Downloads are cool and they make everyone happy :D Until next time everyone!
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Destiny [
May 25, 2006
Shimatani Hitomi's new PV is out! Destiny -太陽の花- (Destiny -Taiyou no hana-). The PV is really pretty. She's wonderful, i think she's beautiful ahha. The song is pretty cool too! I think i'll have to buy this CD! here are some screen caps from the PV:

Here's a mp3 from the PV

Anyways today was a not so great day, i had a french quiz on body parts, and I didn't know what some of them were. The teacher quized us on body parts that weren't even in the text book! I wa spretty pissed about that becaus eI was hoping to do really good on this quiz since I didn't do so "WELL" on her unit test! Math wasn't that great ether because my teacher wasn't here and the sub didn't know how to teach. Everyone was like talking and doing their own thing while the sub was talking. She was really nice though, she didn't care. I love substitutes that don't care when you talk. LOL, some of the subs i had before were like mean old ladies that would yell at you for no reason.

I really wanted to get that beef burito with mexi fries today in the cafeteria but i was on a freakin diet! GRRR. I'm deciding on whether I should go to my class party dinner tomorrow night. If I go then I'll probably have to eat like hell since it's all you can eat at a japanese restaurant. I mean i really want to o because some of my class mates are moving next year, so it'll be like a last class even before we seperate! but I don't want to be fat for my friend's party on saturday. What shall i do?!! T_T I hate situations like these, i just can't decide.

OMG, happiness over load. i just downloaded all the current anime NANA episodes in HDTV! 1024x576!. I'm so excited. I also downloaded the new BUSU KOI and ATTENTION PLEASE! eps. I'm going to so watch all of it <3 especially NANA!
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May 24, 2006

Omg wtf happened to my links thing? I come back from school and it's gone >_<.  fixed it. Anyways i had that crazy kids party today and it wa shilarious. i got groped by like 6 year olds though. It was disturbing but fun. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT I ATE? AHHAA i think not. There was chips and fruit at the party. AHAHA. i ate a banana, apple, and some grapes along with chips at the party. AHAH. Its like a fruity healthy junkfood party. It was just weird and beyond my imaginations.

Anyways omg koi no tsubomi single!!! I uploaded it here. I've been searching for ages, i swear I would've died if i didn't find it. I'm so happy now but I have so much homework and I have study for a french quiz. My french teacher is crazy and makes us learn by ourselves! Remember to support kuu, buy the single if you like it! KOI NO TSUBOMI ranked number 2 yesterday on ORICON DAILY CHARTS. Yay kuu! I hope it moves to number one! everyone buy it! 


[update more tonight]

omg crap, I didn't do much of my homework and I didn't study for the quiz yet. i'm so dead. I was so lazy today and I feel exhausted. screw homework, off to sleep.
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is it here yet? [
May 23, 2006

I had a sudden urge for candy today. In math class we were like using poker chips and betting on cards. YES, I KNOW. our math teacher setted up this "game". At the end the people with chips left got candy. LOL. She told everyone to grab a handful and I did. I grabbed MAYBE MORETHAN A HANDFUL. But you know :) Who can resist candy?

After school, I had to go buy chips for the party i'm having for the kids in MY Arts & Craft club. I'm no good at art, but I'm the Leader. hahah. I bought like 4 different flavours of chips. I don't think the kids deserve it but I promised a party. Speaking of the kids, they don't listen at all. Sigh. Its the last day tomorrow. I'm happy that i don't have to go anymore. i'd be happier at home on Photoshop thank you very much. XD Don't get me wrong now, i love kids. (well some of them)

Just a few minutes ago, i got bored so i looked around and found some green tea candy! OMG. i love japanese candy. it's "green tea caramel". It tastes so good, or maybe I just love green tea alot? EITHER WAY, WHATEVER. It's CANDY CANDY CANDY. I took some pics on my cellphone. hehehe. Then of course resized them in PS.

It's so green XDDD

I just love morinaga products!

From when i got home till now, i've been trying to find the koi no tsubomi single!!! I love that song to death. i can't seem to find the "REAL" version. A week ago, a fake version of that single has been floating around and all I see is the fake one. i'm sad. i bet it'll show up online tomorrow, or even better later tonight. sucks. I know it exists because my mom has the CD right now at her house in Hong Kong. If only she knew how to rip the CD into MP3s and send it to me through MSN. AHHAHAHA XD. It's a pain just imagining teaching my mom. AHAH. But my mom is cool. She knows all the artists i listen to, seriously. How can a mom get even better? I want a tshirt that says "I GOT A COOL MOM, DO YOU?"

omg, the new mihimaru GT PV has finished downloading!! I gotta go watch it omgs omgs. I loved KIBUN JOUJOU! That song never gets old on my playlist.
[after watching] it's not that great. bleh. typically happy summer song though. I hope it grows on me. The PV was kinda disappointing. [/after watching]

Anyways ANY H!P fans around? I love Goto Maki's new single. GARASU NO PUMPS. Just a week more till it's released, i can probably download the single this weekend since it'll just pop online. It's amazing how people can get CDs before they are officially released.

I've noticed I've typed alot hahaha. That's what happens when i get excited. MAYBE I'll update even more tonight.

Oh craps, I've got to finsih off my ROMEO & JULIET essay introductory paragraph. I am no good at english literature. i get 10% of the things that the teacher's talking about in Romeo & Juliet if I'm lucky (which is never).

 I'm sorry that I'm such a blog lover WHORE

WAIT WAIT, i want to thank everyone for adding me back and commenting. you guys are wonderful and I can finally talk about JPOP, witth people that are actually into JPOP. THANKS A BUNCH. :)

Back when i was on vacation in japan 5 years ago (when i was 11) i remember seeing a Shiseido Cosmetic CM and it featured a song. That was perhaps the first time a JPOP song that caught my attention. I'm just like omg that songs is awesome. I never got a chance to find out what that song until like 4 years later. I actually found the actual CM for it 2 years ago, but i don't know where it is now. SO now for the song! It was Yaida Hitomi's - Look Back Again! I own the CD now, and today I've decided to actually listen to the CD so I ripped the single and posted on LJ so whoever comes by can have a chance to download this single so here it is.

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New Layout [
May 22, 2006
Quick update! I did it, I made a new layout! Now I just need to make a set of kuu icons!

Also, I watched some J-drama today. It was pretty good I have to admit. i watched 2 episodes of "ATTENTION PLEASE!" I love ueto aya, she's so funny and cute. It must be the fact that i'm inlove with airplanes and anything that is involved with airports and such.  I also watched UTAWARA, it was pretty crazy this week. I loved KAT-TUN's performance with the dolphins! LOL. It was so entertaining. Kuu was also on UTAWARA this week, and performed "Koi no Tsuubomi". I love that song now, I need to play it everyday  xD.

 Anyways I downloaded so much to watch last night before I went to bed. I think tonight I'll download all the "BUSU KOI" episodes I missed.

So how's my layout everyone? Oops, I said quick update didn't I? Oh well, the longer the better. I love uploading stuff for people, so if I find anything intereting, I'll upload it here!

Wait just before I press submit, I wanted to say I like the song "NEVER AGAIN" by KAT-TUN after watching the performance of it. XP I just needed to tell someone that LOL.

Bleh, what's with the LJ banner on top! adahldshdlsdlk!!! nevermind..found a way to get rid of it!

KAT-TUN at the aquarium! Awesome perf.

Yay it's Kuu! *stop looking there* LOL.

Koi no tsubomi live! My mom just bought me the CD less than an hour ago! It was out a day earlier in HK. She just told me on the phone!

Gotta love the disco ball and kuu.

Kuu got really excited when the disney characters came out. She loves Mickey apparently.

I conclude tonight. I'm tired and it's 12.52am now, I'm off to bed then school tomorrow.

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May 22, 2006
I need a new LJ, yes, i've finally created one. I didn't want to use my other one because my shcool friends reads that one, and I hate that, it's weird. They aren't into JPOp so they can't reply or make comments LOL. I think I should go and snoop around everyone's LJ again and start making friends! Also, i'm probably going to update more often in here than usual, because I can talk alot more because I can ACTUALLY talkk about JPOP. I'll probably also add like icons, and grapics I made in here. And you can be-friend me if you find me! I'll add you back, I'm nice :)

Got bored and made this :)

I Need to Make a New Layout!

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